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Many people have switched from gym training to home training in the last two years. The reasons may be the same as always. A lack of time or money, but there is also the issue of the health crisis to keep in mind. Be as strong as possible. In this article, we will explain a simple fitness routine that you can do at home to stay in shape.

What is?

There are two definitions of fitness that are closely related. First and foremost, we define fitness as a state of physical health and well-being. It is achieved through a healthy lifestyle supported by consistent exercise over time and a healthy diet. Second, fitness is defined as a series of gymnastics. Exercises that are performed several times per week in order to achieve good physical shape. These exercises are typically performed in specialized sports facilities such as gyms. But you can also perform an exercise at home if you have the right knowledge of exercises and a good fitness routine. The goals of this sport practice are to improve aerobic resistance, increase flexibility, obtain muscle strength, achieve localized muscle strength, and gain body balance (it must respect certain percentages of what is considered healthy in muscles, bones and fats).

Profits of maintaning a fitness routine

if a person maintains a balanced fitness routine then he can get the following advantages: Increased aerobic resistance. The series of exercises is performed multiple times per week. This increases the development of the cardiorespiratory system and, as a result, resistance. It improves the physical condition, both internal and external. Implying an increase in self-esteem for the person who practices it. Lowers the risk of developing diseases like obesity or cardiovascular risks like high cholesterol, hypertension, and so on. Avoid stress. The practice of these high-impact sports activities helps the athlete relax and reduces the risk of stress or depression.

How to plan a fitness routine

If you want to get realistic and long-lasting results, you must begin to believe that nothing happens by accident. It rather depends on everything you choose to do or not do to reach your goals. This is true whether you decide to train alone, live or in person, with a coach or in a group. In order to succeed, you must begin to view exercise as a daily activity. Much like eating, sleeping, showering, making love, using the restroom, and a host of other activities. Exercise can certainly be more challenging than anything you typically do in your daily routine, but when you consider the benefits to your health and well-being, it’s worth the effort. When creating a fitness routine, you must be ready to deal with obstacles and hardships. To experience victories and satisfactions as well as setbacks and failures. You’ll have more and less motivation on different days. But the most essential thing is to stay on the correct path. Don’t concentrate on the challenges of exercising. Think about how fantastic you feel after a workout and concentrate more on your strengths than your flaws. Here are some pointers to assist you in successfully and stress-free managing your training schedule.

Fix the detailed program for the week

Is time important? Create a thorough weekly calendar before you begin organizing your fitness routine . Take a pen and piece of paper, and try to be honest with yourself about your duties to your family, job, and other eventualities. Make an effort to set aside time for your physical activity. You must dedicate 3/4 hours of movement throughout the course of seven days. You can find this time, and that is what you must do. You’re not required to perform anything at a specific hour of the day. On a specific day, or perform one activity over another. Do everything, including pilates, yoga, walking, jogging, bicycling, and swimming, but keep in mind the need for physical activity.

Choose the right physical activity for you to plan a fitness routine

Consider what business could better suit your way of life. Finding out what works for you is the first step in creating an exercise routine. Start small, even if your goal is to perform 20 one-arm pushups and 100-pound squats like your favorite fitness celebrity. When you decide to create your fitness plan, consider the activity that best fits your lifestyle. It has to be a limitation given by your commitments and your time, as well as your physical condition and your current level of training. if you have an option then choose a fun exercise.

Set long-term goals

Set realistic long-term goals for a more stress-free approach. Most people make the mistake of going from being sedentary one day to becoming super athletes the next, with no half measures and unreasonable expectations. All of this will only increase your frustration, making you more likely to give up everything. If, on the other hand, you begin your program gradually by adding minutes, days, and kilometers to your training sessions, everything will be much more livable.

Track your progress

Start tracking and documenting your progress once you are clear about the activity you want to engage in and the objectives you want to reach. You can record the distance traveled in kilometers or minutes each time, the number of repetitions of a certain workout, etc. If you enjoy competition, set goals for yourself or a partner that is in line with your current level of fitness. Finding a means to reward yourself for reaching your weekly or monthly objectives will help you stay motivated. Try to stay away from rewards that might damage your efforts, such as engaging in two pizzas, additional sweets, or other activities.

Always look for self-confidence

Try to keep your confidence up even if obligations prevent you from exercising for days or weeks at a time. Reset and reschedule your workouts, and you can even go backward from where you were. Don’t obsess about what you haven’t done; instead, focus on what needs to be done.

The right balance  between activity and rest

Your schedule should have a balance of rest and activities. Schedule down all the things you have to do from Monday to Sunday each week. To be satisfied at least do exercise 3 days a week. You should keep the resting schedule equal to the exercise period. Build a schedule with the right balance of activity and rest. Write down what you will do each day of the week from Monday to Sunday. To begin, plan how many days you want to train and how many to rest. To obtain satisfactory results, assume that you must train at least 3 days a week. Then, find 3 days and related moments of the day that you can train and put them in your calendar. Remember that consistency is the most important aspect of creating a successful program.

Focus on variety

Focus on variety to avoid overworking the same muscles. Because doing the same activities or exercises all the time will cause bodily injuries and mental and physical exhaustion. Modify loads, times, kilometers, repetitions, or activities on a regular basis. For example, one-day pilates, one day circuit, and another day walking, or anything to your liking. When you start a training program to maintain a successful line. Remember that: you can start this journey every day. There are many exercises and methods suitable for all ages and levels of preparation; that you have to do it for your health. Don’t think about the fatigue. You’ll feel with every km traveled or the pain you’ll feel in your muscles during each completed exercise sequence but, preserve your ability to train tomorrow every day . Here are some routines that will help you become fit and healthy. Before beginning the training routine, it is convenient to carry out a small warm-up. Jogging on the spot for two to three minutes or performing more complex movements like jumping jacks or burpees is more than enough to raise your body temperature. Once this is done, we recommend performing at least one set of push-ups, squats, and rows at a low intensity. In this way, we activate the main muscle groups that will intervene during the session.

Let’s see the fitness routine:

PUSH-UPS OR PUSH-UPS 3 12 If it is very difficult, you can rest your knees on the ground to execute the exercise.
SQUATS OR SQUATS 3 10 Feel hip-width apart. We start the movement by driving the hip back and down.
TRICEP DIPS OR DIPS 3 12 the idea is to use a couple of chairs or even a couple of tables if we have two of the same.
STRIDES OR LUNGES 2 14 For a more complete activation, try to perform the lunges backward.
LATERAL RAISES 3 fifteen With weight in both hands. They can be water bottles, dumbbells, sandbags, or even flour packets.
ALTERNATING BICEPS CURL 3 fifteen With weight in both hands. They can be water bottles, dumbbells, sandbags, or even flour packets.
REVERSE CRUNCHES 2 twenty In this variant, we raise the legs and keep the back and head resting on the ground.
IRON OR PLANK 3 20 seconds We maintain an isometric contraction without letting our pelvis collapse toward the floor
DUMBBELL ROW 2 fifteen Torso at 90 degrees. The dumbbells make a pendulum trajectory from below the shoulder line to our hips
JUMP ROPE 3 8 minutes We have absolute freedom to make the jumps at the pace we want

It is important to strive to achieve an adequate intensity so that our body is forced to adapt to it and get stronger. To do this, try to finish the series having chosen a weight that would only allow you to perform at most three or four repetitions more than the guidelines.

On the other hand, try to rest for at least a minute and a half between sets and exercises. This rest is your guarantee to perform.  successfully throughout the training. The idea is to work as much of the body as possible and finally, incorporate medium-intensity aerobic exercise to oxidize fat. The scheduled reps are just a guide so feel free to lower or increase them, but always within a range of 8-20. Many more exercises can be done, it is just a practical example of a routine that can be optimized, completed, and extended to suit the user.


How do I distinguish if an activity is considered fitness?

For an activity to fall into the fitness category, it must be carried out on a regular basis and be fully linked to a good diet and healthy lifestyle habits. In addition, you must meet a number of criteria:

1. Some of the objectives of this type of training are to improve the resistance and strength of the individual. To achieve this, it is essential that the sports routine be carried out at least two or three times a week.

2. It is essential that the person doing fitness be in the good physical condition and present localized muscular resistance. During the time that the activity is practiced, the athlete will have to have the necessary resistance to maintain a muscle in tension for a prolonged period of time or repeat the same series of movements several times.

3. Have flexibility. These exercises require a lot of warming up, so the athlete must have flexibility throughout the body. 4. Fitness requires that the athlete have a harmonious physical shape and maintain normal fat levels. In men between 18 and 20 percent and in women between 22 and 24 percent.

To achieve a good physical shape, fitness relies on the use of some machines. The most used are the elliptical, exercise bike, oars, stair simulator, and treadmills. Also, they also often use weight training equipment with the aim of reinforcing muscle training and increasing the strength to perform the series of exercises.


A perfect and balanced fitness routine requires a combination of different types of exercise and a focus on both physical and mental health. A well-rounded routine should include cardio, strength training, flexibility, and balance exercises to improve cardiovascular health, build muscle, increase mobility, and improve stability. It is also important to listen to your body and adjust your routine based on your fitness goals, abilities, and any physical limitations. Additionally, it is important to prioritize rest, hydration, and proper nutrition to support your fitness routine and overall health. By creating a balanced fitness routine and taking care of your mind and body, you can achieve optimal physical and mental wellness.

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